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We use only the highest quality materials in our balloons!
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Hot Air Shaped
6? Rainbow
Nylon Material
1.5?x 14? Banner Area

16? Rainbow
Nylon Material
2.5? x 34? Banner Area

17? Red, White and Blue
or Rainbow or Red & White VINYL MATERIAL
3? x 34? Banner Area

22? Rainbow
or Red, White and Blue VINYL MATERIAL
4? x 36? Banner Area

25? Red, White and Blue
or Red & White
6.5? x 44? Banner Area

All balloons include Carry Case and Instructions
Blower/Tether package and Banners sold separate (Because many balloon buyers already have these items).


17' Balloon half mile away!
6? Balloon?..$245
16? Balloon....$279
17? Balloon?$305
21? Balloon?$325
25? Balloon?$349

Blower/tether package includes:
Blower designed for actual balloon
150? to 450?(Depending on balloon size) 3000 LB Breaking Strength Tether strapping
4 to 16(Depending on balloon size) adjustable cambuckles for easy adjusting and repositioning of balloons
4 to 16(Depending on balloon size) snaphooks for easy hooking and unhooking of tether straps.
4? x 8? Tarp
15? Steel safety cable

6? Balloon ? 1? x 6??????$79
16? Balloon- 2.5? x 7?????.$89
17? Balloon- 3? x 7??????$99
21? Balloon-4? x 8??????.$149
25? Balloon- 6.5? x 11????...$220

Shipping Prices(anywhere in continental United States):
6? Nylon Balloon with blower package?..$41
16? Nylon Balloon with blower package?$55
17? Vinyl Balloon with blower package? $74
21? Vinyl Balloon with blower package?$84
25? Vinyl Balloon with blower package?$94

Get a custom ballon made to your specific color request!

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We keep a full selection in stock ready for shipment so you can have your advertising balloon when you need it! All you have to do is call toll free and order it!

Our balloons are great for your business because they give you:

* Maximum Visibility & Coverage
We use a lot of material on our balloons which makes them very round (54' total circumference). We believe that the rounder a balloon is, the more visible it becomes. Always compare circumference as well as height when ordering a balloon. See measurements. Also, banners are hung at the widest point on our balloon, making your message space as big as possible. We also use the brightest and shiniest material we can find. We keep the most proven, effective colors in stock and available for immediate shipment.

* Four banner sign capability with 360 degree viewing.
That's right, you can hang three or four banners (depending on model), 360 degrees or completely around the balloon, each banner having a different message. This allows traffic to see your message and your business from all directions.

* The option to hang any banner you want.
You can hang any banner that you already have or any type banner that your local sign maker makes, as long as it has grommets or rings and does not exceed sizes mentioned above. You save money because you never need a banner specially made from a balloon manufacturer!

* Dual Zipper Filtration
The balloons have a heavy duty zipper on the side and also on the top. This system saves you time when you are deflating the balloon and also helps when lowering the balloon down to change banners at a comfortable working level.

* The 25` Balloon Models
16 Tethers and double stitch D rings for strength and stability on the 25' model and 12 tethers on the 21' model. Our balloons are designed with two inch D rings that are sewn with a double back, double stitch assembly. We use a lot of D rings and tethers to help with wind stability and balloon durability.

* Quality material and workmanship with warranty
We use rugged, heavy duty vinyl material sewn with a double stitch. Please let us send you a sample. This material can also be cleaned with normal vinyl cleaner and protector found in almost any store. Our balloons are designed for years of use.

* Service and dependability after the sale
Advertising Balloon Company balloons is located about 25 miles south of Houston, Texas in the city of Rosharon. We offer high quality, durable, effective and efficient balloons for sale in the USA and throughout the rest of the world. These are the same type of balloons we use in our own rental operations in Texas.

Your complete satisfaction guaranteed!

Shipping and tax (if applicable) must be added to all prices.
We ship worldwide, call for a quote. All prices are F.O.B. Houston, Texas USA.


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