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Learn about our $19 per day rental plan. Affordable Promotional Inflatables - In stock & Hot Air, Shaped Advertising Balloons. Look at in-stock selection & affordable prices below.

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It is our goal at Advertising Balloon Company to offer affordable inflatables for every kind of business and every kind of advertising budget. Inflatables make every grand opening, sales promotion, or special event a huge success. Inflatable advertising is the most productive, cost effective, mobile, outdoor advertising known to the world of business.

Advertising Balloon Company is unique in the services it offers for the following reasons:
Quality balloons are kept in stock and available for immediate shipment. This means you, the customer, do not have to put down a 50% deposit and then wait and wonder if your balloon will be completed, wonder when it will be completed, and wonder if it wil be to your satisfaction when it is completed. By always keeping balloons in stock all of these worries are eliminated with Advertising Balloon Company.

All the balloons we sell are designed to hang any standard banner a business owns or has made at their local sign shop. Many companies sell balloons with "Special Made" or "Custom Fit" signs that in reality, are designed so the buyer must continuously come back for a new expensive sign every time a promotion or message changes. Advertising Balloon Company balloons will save you time, money and frustration over the years by eliminating expensive sign changes.

The only thing not inflated at Advertising Balloon Company is the price!! Every advertising manager or business owner can appreciate that. We strive to be the low cost leader in affordable inflatable advertising.

We offer high quality, durable, effective and efficient balloons for sale in the USA and throughout the rest of the world. The balloons we offer for sale to you are the same type of balloons we use in our own rental operations in Texas.

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed!

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