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Advertising Balloon Company has several rental programs designed to fit almost any business' needs in most cities in the United States.

It is our goal to help get your balloon advertising program going quickly while at the same time being successful and cost effective.

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Display your banner or sign on a balloon. We can also provide Grand Opening and Sale banners.

Advanced reservations are required and supply can be limited during certain times of the year.

Call us for a quote and reservation at 1-888-267-6511.

Our rental balloons include

* All the accessories you need! Accessory bag, blower, carry bag, tethers, tarp, extension cord, & instruction manual.

* Four banner capability with 360 degree viewing. This allows you to hang four 5' x 10' banners or three 5' x 12' (on 24' model) completely around balloon. 36 to 40' of combined banner space.  Hang several banners and have traffic see your message & business from all directions and all angles.


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